PFGrid toolkit and controls for .NET Winforms

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Winforms Datagrid PFGrid.NET

PFGrid.NET: Winforms Datagrid and TreeList

This is our flagship: A fast and flexible Grid- and TreeList-control. It supports built-in and custom Cell-editors, Outlook-like grouping, Filters, a Summary-row, predefined and custom renderers (XP, Vista, Office 2007-2010), Excel-export and many more features.

PFMetroTiles.NET: Metro UI for Winforms

PFMetroTiles.NET: Metro UI Tiles

This is Metro UI control for Winforms to display tiles like in Windows 8. A tile can contain an image, a title and a text as full HTML

PFNavigationBar.NET Winforms

PFNavigationBar.NET: Outlook-like Navigation

The NavigationBar for Winforms supports rendering like Office 2003 or Office 2007 and a great Design-time support. You can mimic the behavior of the original MS-Outlook NavigationBar.

PFWindow.NET für Winforms

PFWindow.NET: Office-Like Forms

The PFWindow.NET is a Form with the appearance of an Office-Like window: Rounded corners, thin borders, caption with gradients and nice Office-like buttons.

PFButton.NET Winforms

PFButton.NET: Buttons and Split-Buttons

Cool Vista- and Office-like Buttons and Split-Buttons with predefined or custom colors. Use the Office2007- and Office2010-renderers or define your own.

PFPanel.NET Winforms

PFPanel.NET: Gradient-Panel and Group-Box

Define Panels with gradient-background and rounded corners with PFPanel.NET. The panel can be used as Group-Box with customizable text.

PFReflectionImage.NET Winforms

PFReflectionImage.NET: Reflected images as button

This control is real eye-candy: Display an image with reflection and use it as button. When the image is hovered with the mouse it is put to foreground.

PFButtonTextBox.NET for Winforms

PFDropDown.NET: ComboxBox with custom DropDown

This control is a ComboBox for which you can use a custom Popup-control as selection-list. The DropDown-list uses the PFGrid as default-control.

PFButtonTextBox.NET for Winforms

PFButtonTextBox.NET: TextBox with buttons

Add buttons dynamically to this text-input control. The appearance of the control (images, buttons, border, backcolor) can be changed easily.

PFSlider.NET: TrackBar for Winforms

PFSlider.NET: Custom TrackBar

This control allows the user to select a value in a certain range, the orientation of the control can be horizontal or vertical, each rendered part can be customized.

PFProgressBar.NET: ProgressBar and state-control for Winforms

PFProgressBar.NET: State-control

The PFProgressBar.NET is a control to show a state or progress. The orientation can be horizontal or vertical, the rendering is customizable by ProgressBar-renderers.

PFCheckBox.NET: Custom Checkbox-control for Winforms

PFCheckBox.NET: Checkbox-control

The PFCheckbox.NET is a custom Checkbox-control with XP-, Vista-and Office-styles that can be switched easily by a property.

PFRating.NET: Star-Rating-control for Winforms

PFRating.NET: Rating-control

For this rating-control you can define a number of stars for the rating, a style (Small-stars or big stars), custom images and the orientation (horizontal or vertical)

PFHyperlink.NET: Hyperlinks for Winforms

PFHyperlink.NET: Hyperlink-control

The Hyperlink-control can be used to display Hyperlinks with custom hover-style and to navigate to Urls. It can be added to any Winforms-container

PFSplitter.NET: Expandable-splitter-control for Winforms .NET

PFSplitter.NET: Expandable-splitter

The PFSplitter-control is a collapsible splitter. This means that it has the ability to collapse or expand a docked control with a single mouse-click.

PFSwitch.NET: Switch-control for Winforms .NET

PFSwitch.NET: Winforms Switch-control

With this Switch-control you can mimic the style and behavior of the ON/OFF-Button used by Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio or for example the Metro-styled switches which are used in Windows-8

PFKeyboard.NET: Touch-keyboard for Winforms .NET

PFKeyboard.NET: Touch-keyboard for Winforms .NET

With the PFKeyboard-control for touchscreen you can design full-featured touchscreen applications that run without real keyboard or mouse-input

PFRepeater.NET: Repeating items Winforms .NET

PFRepeater.NET: Items-control .NET

The PFRepeater-control is a container for repeating items with flexible rendering and display.

PFTouch.NET: Multi-Touch and Gesture-API Winforms

PFTouch.NET: Multi-Touch and Gesture-API Winforms

With our new API for multitouch and gestures it is possible to react to Pan, Zoom, Rotation, TwoFingerTap and PressAndTap gestures on Multitouch-devices