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Version History PFGrid .NET

Version Feature Cell-Navigation extended for Winforms PFGrid
When the last column is reached and the user pressed right arrow or TAB then the first cell of the next row is activated. If the active cell is the first one and the user hits right arrow or Shift-TAB the last cell of the previous row is activated Filter-row for Winforms PFGrid
For the PFGrid.NET a FilterRow can be displayed below the column-headers to filter the data by column Text-tracing Grid-Control Winforms
By setting the property FilterType to FilterAndTrace or just Trace, the text for that you filtered the column will be highlighted in the corresponding cell PFTouch.NET: Touch-API for Winforms
Touch- and Gesture-APi for Winforms on Windows 7 or higher. PFRepeater.NET: Winforms Repeater-control
The PFRepeater-control is a container for repeating items with flexible rendering and display. PFKeyboard.NET: Winforms Touchscreen Keyboard-control
With our Winforms Keyboard-control for touchscreen you can design full-featured touchscreen applications that run without real keyboard or mouse-input (Metro-applications). PFSwitch.NET: Winforms Switch-control
Winforms Switch-controls is added to version of PFGrid-Toolkit.NET Metro Controls: Customizing Winforms PFGrid
It is possible to add an expandable Row-Details-section to rows of the grid. RowDetails for Winforms PFGrid
It is possible to add an expandable Row-Details-section to rows of the grid. Hyperlinks-Control for Winforms
The PFHyperlink.NET-control can be used to display Hyperlinks with custom hover-style and to navigate to Urls. It can be added to any Winforms-container. Buttons in Cells Winforms Grid
Buttons can be added to cells of the PFGrid.NET Buttons Winforms enhancements
Enhancements for PFButton.NET: Image- and Text-alignment, Keyboard-interaction and Enabled-state are added Special columns Winforms Design-Time
Special columns can be added by a Smart-Tag of the PFGrid.NET-control in the designer of Visual Studio
HotTracking Winforms Grid and ComboBox
The PFGrid.NET has HotTracking-support for rows. The DropDown.NET uses a PFGrid.NET as default dropdown-control, so it also has the HotTracking-feature: Fixed Columns Winforms PFGrid
The feature fixed columns has been added to PFGrid.NET. A number of fixed columns can be defined, this columns will not be scrolled. Metro UI Closing and layout persistence
Bugfixes for painting in PFWindow.NET, PFPanel.NET and mouse-wheel-scrolling for PFScrollBar.NET. Metro UI Closing and layout persistence
Each Metro-tile can be closed and restored now. When a tile is closed it is placed to the TileSlide-control on the right side. Metro UI Auto arrange tiles for WinForms
The Metro tiles are autoarranged if the user moves a tile and tiles intersect. Transparent WinForms Grid
For the WinForms PFGrid.NET an alpha-value for the background can be defined. With this feature it is possible to design a user-interface with the style of Windows 8 Metro Metro UI HTML-Tile
The control HtmlTile has been added to render HTML-mages and css in Metro UI Tiles. Metro style for Winforms ButtonText and ComboBox
The ButtonText- and DropDown-control come with Metro UI style now which can be assigned by the RenderType-property Metro UI controls Winforms
The Metro-UI style is available or the Grid, Window, Tiles and other Winforms controls of PFGrid-Toolkit.NET. Volume Slider renderer
Volume-slider control/renderer added like in the sound-settings of MS-Windows. Also tooltips can be displayed for Sliders.
The PFSplitter-control is a collapsible splitter. This means that it has the ability to collapse or expand a docked control with a single mouse-click. PFRating.NET
The PFRating.NET-control let's you define a number of stars for the rating, a style for the stars (Small-stars or big stars) and custom images PFCheckBox.NET
The PFCheckBox.NET is a custom Checkbox-control with XP-, Vista- and Office-styles that can be switched easily by a property. The text can be aligned at the left, right, top or bottom of the control. Battery-meter for PFProgressBar.NET
With the special ProgressBarRendererBattery you can change the appearance of the ProgressBar to a battery-meter. PFProgressBar.NET
The PFProgressBar.NET is a control to show a state or progress. The orientation can be horizontal or vertical, the rendering is customizable by ProgressBar-renderers. PFSlider.NET
This control allows the user to select a value in a certain range, the orientation of the control can be horizontal or vertical, each rendered part can be customized. PFWindow.NET
The PFWindow.NET is a Form with the appearance of an Office-2007 window: Rounded corners, thin borders, caption with gradients and nice Office-like buttons
1.1.6 PFDropDown.NET
This control is a ComboBox for which you can use a custom Popup-control as selection-list. The DropDown-list uses the PFGrid as default-control
A textinput-control with dynamic buttons you can use for example as editor-shortcuts
This control is real eye-candy: Display an image with reflection and use it as button.
The ScrollBar-controls are derived from the .NET-Framework-class VScrollBar and HScrollBar so they can be used for scrolling other controls like Panels or Images.
1.1.5 PFHtmlPanel.NET
This control can be used as Html-container. No embedded browser is needed, it's 100% managed code that renderes HTML for WinForms.
You can use the PFPanel.NET as gradient panel wirth rounded corners and as groupBox with different color-syles.
1.1.4 PFButton.NET
Cool Vista- and Office-like Buttons and Split-Buttons with predefined or custom colors. Use the Office2007- and Office2010-renderers or define your own.
1.1.3 Hyperlink-cells PFGrid.NET
You can add Hyperlinks with default-display (link) very easily. Just add a column of type HyperlinkColumn and cells of type HyperlinkCell.
1.1.2 Summary-row PFGrid.NET
With PFGrid.NET you can display a summary-row at the bottom of the page. With this feature you can easily show SUM, MAX, MIN, AVG or custom summarized values. Typeahead Text-Find PFGrid.NET
The global typeahead text-filter for PFGrid.NET can be assigned by using the control GlobalTextFilter on your Winform. While you are typing text in the Filter-textbox the filtering is applied in the corresponding grid. Column-filters PFGrid.NET
Filters can be defined easily to filter the values for cells of a column. A default-filter of type TextFilterControl can be assigned for a column, if you like to define a custom filter you can implement the interface IFilterControl for a user-defined .NET control.
Enhanced Design-time support
Sorting for columns, the column-order and the width for each column can be defined during design-time in Visual Studio with mouse-interaction
Ajax-like loading panel
PFGrid.NET for Winforms offers an Ajax-like loading panel for long running tasks Custom grouping PFGrid.NET Winforms
PFGrid.NET for Winforms allows to define custom groups containing rows. The rendering of the groups can be implemented easily in own renderers
1.1.0 Databinding Winforms PFGrid.NET
The grid supports Databinding by setting the properties DataSource and DataMember. Columns can be defined manually or created automatically
1.0.1 Excel-Export Winforms PFGrid.NET
The grid's data can be exported to Excel-format easily. Also the tree-structure can be exported so that the childnodes are displayed as groups in the Excel-Worksheet Office2007-renderer for PFGrid .NET Winforms
The Office2007-renderers of our controls can be used to add an Outlook-2007-style to your application without writing a single line of code Column-Chooser for PFGrid .NET Winforms
A column-chooser is available to define the visibility of the control's columns. It can be opened as modal dialog or used as UserControl RightToLeft-support for Winforms PFGrid .NET
The PFGrid offers full RightToLeft-support, even for the TreeList-mode, all cell-editors also use RightToLeft-flag Drag 'n Drop extension PFGrid .NET
It is possible to insert into or to remove from row-collections to move nodes on drag' n drop. Cell-editors for PFGrid .NET
The editors TextBoxEditor, ComboBoxEditor, DateTimeEditor and TrackBarEditor are default cell-editors, other controls can be used as cell-editors also and are easy to implement.
Outlook-like column-grouping of Winforms PFGrid .NET
The columns of the grid can be grouped in an Outlook-style by dragging the column to the groupbox. Of course grouping can also be achieved by simple API-methods.
Predefined renderers in PFGrid .NET
The renderers XPTreeListRenderer for XP-rendering and VistaTreeListRenderer for Vista-rendering are renderers for the grid which can be used out-of-the-box.
It is possible to implement ITreeListRenderer to create a completely new renderer or to derive from an existing one to extend the default-renderers.
PFGrid .NET TreeList- and Table-mode
The grid-control offers Treelist- and Table-mode. When using Treelist-mode, lazyloading is available for each node.
When Table-mode is active, columns can be grouped just like in Outlook 2003.