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Version History PFGrid JAVA/Eclipse

Version Feature SWT Filter and Cell-validation
A filter-row can be shown above the grid to filter values of the grid's columns. For each cell a cell-validator can be used to display an error-icon for input which is not valid. Hyperlinks for SWT
The Hyperlink-widget can be added to any Composite. SWT Grid Fixed Columns
The feature fixed columns has been added to PFGrid.SWT. A number of fixed columns can be defined, this columns will not be scrolled. SWT Grid Moving Columns in Spans
The columns that are grouped in spans can be dragged from spans into other spans now and also dragged out of a span. SWT Checkbox-widget
The PFCheckBox.SWT is a custom Checkbox-widget with XP-, Vista- and Office-styles. ProgressBar-widget
The PFProgressBar.SWT is a widget to show a state or progress. The orientation can be horizontal or vertical, the rendering is customizable by ProgressBar-renderers. ReflectionImage-widget
Add images to this widget and reflection-images are created automatically. The widget can be used as button with a ButtonClickListener. Buttons and Splitbuttons
The PFButton.SWT widget is rendered in an Office-like Style (Office 2007 or 2010). The appearance is defined in specific renderers which can be used or overriden for custom-styling.
1.1.6 Gradient panels and Groupbox
Define Panels with gradient-background, customizable colors and text so that it can be used as Group-Box or header-widget.
1.1.5 Hyperlink-cells PFGrid widget
You can add Hyperlinks with default-display (link) very easily. Just add a column of type HyperlinkColumn and cells of type HyperlinkCell.
1.1.4 Summary-row PFGrid.SWT
With PFGrid.SWT you can display a summary-row at the bottom of the page. With this feature you can easily show SUM, MAX, MIN, AVG or custom summarized values.
1.1.3 Tooltips for cells and columns
The PFGrid provides a Listener that fires when elements of the grid are hovered with the mouse. This listener can be used to display each kind of Tooltip you like.
1.1.2 Column-chooser
A column-chooser is available to define the visibility of the widget's columns. It can be opened as modal dialog or used as Composite (ColumnChooserComposite).
1.1.1 Column groups (spans)
You can define spans (TreeListColumnSpan) and add columns to this in order to group the columns.
Images for columns
Images for a TreeListColumn can be defined
1.0.8 Custom grouping PFGrid SWT JAVA
PFGrid.SWT allows to define custom groups containing rows. The rendering of the groups can be implemented easily in own renderers
SWT-Designer from Instantiations (now google) supported
PFGrid can be used in SWT-Designer from Instantiations (now google). The widgets TreeListView and TreeListColumn and also the renderers can be added to the palette of SWT-Designer
1.0.7 Office2007-renderers for SWT PFGrid
The Office2007-renderers of our controls can be used to create an Outlook 2007-style with ease
1.0.6 Cell-editors for SWT PFGrid
The editors TextBoxEditor, ComboBoxEditor are default cell-editors, other widgets can be used as cell-editors also and are easy to implement.
Outlook-like column-grouping of JAVA PFGrid
The columns of the widget can be grouped in an Outlook-style by dragging the column to the groupbox or programmatically (API).
The grouped columns are sortable, the appearance of the groupbox is defined in the renderer and can be overriden like any other UI-element of the widget.
Predefined renderers in SWT-TreeList
The renderers XPTreeListRenderer for XP-rendering and VistaTreeListRenderer for Vista-rendering are renderers for the grid which can be used out-of-the-box.
It is possible to derive from TreeListRendererBase to implement a completely new renderer or to derive from an existing one to extend the default-renderers.
SWT-Grid TreeList- and Table-mode
The grid-widget offers Treelist- and Table-mode. When using Treelist-mode, lazyloading is available for each node.
When Table-mode is active, columns can be grouped just like in Outlook 2003.
JFace-support for PFGrid JAVA Eclipse
The PFGrid offers support for JFace. There are two JFave-viewers available to display a Tree or a Table. The viewers are TreeListTreeViewer and TreeListTableViewer.
Store UI-settings of Eclipse SWT PFGrid
UI-settings can be loaded and stored easliy through the JFace-interface IDialogSettings.