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PFKeyboard.NET: Touchscreen Keyboard-control Winforms

With our Winforms Keyboard-control for touchscreen you can design full-featured touchscreen applications that run without real keyboard or mouse-input (Metro-applications).

PFKeyboard.NET: Virtual keyboard for Winforrms applications

You can define a list of keysets that can be changed dynamically on runtime:

Touch-Keyboard with number-format

Also custom keyboards can be created easily:

Rendertype for Button-Text in Visual Studio Winforms Designer

Here is a sample-code in C# for creating a custom virtual keyboard:

private void AddKey(KeySet setUmlaute, string text, string upperText)
    KeyRow row = new KeyRow();
    row.Add(new Key(text, upperText));



KeySet setUmlaute = new KeySet();

AddKey(setUmlaute, "ö", "Ö");
AddKey(setUmlaute, "ü", "Ü");
AddKey(setUmlaute, "ä", "Ä");

KeyRow rowShift = new KeyRow();
rowShift.Add(new ShiftKey(Key.DEFAULT_WIDTH, Color.FromArgb(25, 25, 33)));