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The PFSlider.NET is a special TrackBar-control that allows the user to select a value in a certain range (Minimum - Maximum). The orientation of the control can be horizontal or vertical, the thumb of the control can be defined in the SliderRenderer.

PFSlider.NET: TrackBar-control for WinForms

The predefined renderers are:

SliderRendererBase: Slider with default look-and-feel

SliderRendererGradient: Slider with gradient background and custom colors

SliderRendererVolume: Volume-slider like in the sound-settings of MS-Windows.

The ticks can be shown above, below or on both sides of the slider and also be hidden. The frequency of the displayed ticks can be set by the property TickFrequency. Each rendered part of the Slider-control can be customized: The ticks, the slider-area and the thumbs.

For the thumbs you can use custom images, other areas can be rendered by overriding special methods of the renderer. The colors of the ticks and slider-area are changeable by properties.