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Designtime-support for ExNavigationBar.NET

After you added the Assemblies to a tab in the Toolbox of Visual Studio, you can drag and drop the ExNavigationBar-control to a Form or a UserControl. The next step is to add Panels for the control which is done by clicking Add new Panel, a Task of the control:

You can select each added Panel in the designer and change the properties, the changes are applied immediately. Then you can drag and drop each .NET-control to the Panel you selected in the designer:

.NET Winforms NavigationBar Expanded

Using the ItemPanel

The ItemPanel is a special control for displaying items with an image and a text similiar to MS-Outlook. Drag and drop an ItemPanel-control to the selected item of the ExNavigationBar. After that you can define items by clicking Add new item, a task of the ItemPanel-control:

Each added item can be selected in the designer, the properties like Image or Text can also be changed in design-mode:

Of course all these tasks can also be done by using the API of the ExNavigationBar- and the ItemPanel-control like it is demonstrated by our sample-applications.