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Metro UI Controls for Winforms: PFTiles.NET

The Metro-UI style is available or the Grid, Window, Tiles and other Winforms controls of PFGrid-Toolkit.NET. Here you can see our new PFMetroTiles.NET-control running in a PFWindow.NET with Metro-style:

Metro UI tiles-control for Windows Forms

A tile of the class TextImageTile can have an Image, a Title (left bottom aligned) and a Description which can be any HTML-string. If you want to render an image which is docked fully on the Tile's surface add an image via the Image-property and set DockImage to true:

Dock image in Metro Tiles Winforms control

The Description-string is rendered on the location of the property MarginDescriptionLeftTop. The Description-property can contain an HTML-string:

HTML-Text in Metro UI Winforms control

The tiles can be displayed in a TileFlowLayout- or TileTableLayoutPanel or of course simply dropped on a Form.

Groups for Metro-Tiles

Tiles can be grouped when using the StackPanel-control - a group is represented by a StackPanelItem. You can add a TilesFlowlayoutPanel to each Item so that the tiles will arranged for each group and to have the ability to drag&drop the tiles from one group to another:

Winforms Metro UI Group of Tiles

Auto-arrangement of Metro-Tiles

The user can move Metro-Tiles with the mouse. When there is an intersection of tiles, the moving tile is arranged to the intersecting one automatically:

Selecting Metro Tiles

When pressing the right mousebutton for a tile, the tile is selected. The UI for selected tiles looks like this:

Selected Metro UI tiles

Close and restore

Each tile can be closed and restored. When a tile is closed it is placed to the TileSlide-control on the right side. The tile is displayed iconized then and restored when the icon is clicked:

Closing and restoring Metro UI tiles

The whole layout can be saved as XML and loaded again when the application starts.

Metro UI HTML-Tile

If you want to render just HTML as content you can use the class HTMLTile for which HTML can be assigned to the property Content in Visual Studio Designer or during runtime:

Metro HTML-content