PFGrid toolkit and widgets for SWT Eclipse

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PFGrid.SWT Eclipse

PFGrid SWT: Grid and TreeList widget

This is our flagship for Eclipse: A fast and flexible Grid- and TreeList-widget. It support built-in and custom Cell-editors, Outlook-like grouping, JFace-support, a Summary-row, predefined and custom renderers (XP, Vista, Office 2007-2010), Tooltips and many more features.

PFNavigationBar.SWT Eclipse

PFNavigationBar SWT: Outlook-like Navigation-widget

The NavigationBar for SWT supports rendering like Office 2003 or Office 2007. You can mimic the behavior of the original MS-Outlook NavigationBar.

PFPanel.SWT Eclipse

PFPanel.SWT: Gradient-Panel and Group-Box

Define Panels with gradient-background, customizable colors and text so that it can be used as Group-Box or header-widget.

PFButton.SWT Eclipse

PFButton.SWT: Buttons and Split-Buttons

Cool Vista- and Office-like Buttons and Split-Buttons with predefined or custom colors. Use the Office2007- and Office2010-renderers or define your own.

PFReflectionImage.SWT Eclipse

PFReflectionImage.SWT: Buttons with reflection-images

Add images to this widget and reflection-images are created automatically. The widget can be used as button with a customizable hovering-effect.

PFProgressBar.SWT: ProgressBar and state-control for JAVA SWT

PFProgressBar.SWT: State-widget

The PFProgressBar.SWT is a widget to show a state or progress. The orientation can be horizontal or vertical, the rendering is customizable by ProgressBar-renderers.

PFCheckBox.SWT: Custom Checkbox-widget for SWT JAVA

PFCheckBox.SWT: Checkbox-widget

The PFCheckbox.SWT is a custom Checkbox-widget with XP-, Vista-and Office-styles that can be switched easily.

PFHyperlink.SWT: Hyperlinks for JAVA

PFHyperlink.SWT: Hyperlink-widget

The Hyperlink-widget can be used to display Hyperlinks with custom hover-style and to navigate to Urls. It can be added to any Composite

PFRoundedToolbar.SWT: Toolbar-widget for JAVA

PFRoundedToolbar.SWT: Toolbar-widget

The rounded Toolbar is an SWT-toolbar with rounded corners. The default-style is Mac-style