PFGrid Toolkit

...Empower your UI with our Winforms and SWT controls!

Purchasing and License FAQ

What are developer licenses?
If you ordered developer licenses for PFGrid-Toolkit you don't have to pay for each machine or build-server you are using. You have to buy a license for each developer who is developing with the toolkit. You never have to pay runtime-fees.

What's a Site-license?
If you bought a Site-license you can develop with an unlimited number of developers in each department of your company. With this license you can choose if you want to purchase with or without source-code. Of course you have no rights to distribute or sell our source-code. This license also includes upadtes and support for one year.

What about support?
We will give email support if you bought a license with support. This kind of license includes also updates for 1 year. After one year you have to renew your subscription to receive updates for the product and eMail-support. Of course you can still use the toolkit after one year as is.

Bugs are fixed without costs for you in each case.

All about renewals
If you purchased a license with support and updates for 1 year you have to renew your license after 1 year to receive updates and support. Each renewal also lasts for 1 year. The costs for a renewal are 25% of the current price of the pfgrid-toolkit.