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This control is a ComboBox for which you can use a custom Popup-control as selection-list. The DropDown-list uses the PFGrid as default-control:

PFDropDown.NET: ComboxBox with flexible Popup for WinForms

When you use the default DropDown-list the whole power of the PFGrid-control is available: Databinding, Multiple columns, sorting, Filters, Renderers and many more.

It's also possible to add a custom control as DropDown-list, you only need to implement the interface IDropDownList by the control you want to add.

Metro UI ComboBox

The PFDropDown.NET-control has support for the RenderType Metro and for the MetroColorScheme. Just set the RenderType-property to Metro and the control has the following look & feel:

Metro UI ComboBox


The PFGrid.NET has HotTracking-support for rows. The DropDown.NET uses a PFGrid.NET as default dropdown-control, so it also has the HotTracking-feature: