PFGrid Toolkit

...Empower your UI with our Winforms and SWT controls!

PFGrid Toolkit Winforms .NET

  • Grid- and TreeList-control
  • Metro UI Winforms-controls
  • Outlook-like Navigation-control
  • Vista-and Outlook-style Buttons
  • Collapsible Splitters
  • Custom panels and many more

PFGrid Toolkit SWT

  • Grid- and TreeList-widget
  • Editor-widgets
  • Outlook-like Navigation-widget
  • JFace-support
  • WindowBuilder support
  • SWT-widgets and many more

PFGrid Toolkit FX

  • Flexible Rotator Control
  • JavaFx Css styleable
  • For RIA and Desktop-Apps
  • Java 2.0 runtime

Winforms, SWT, Java.FX...? PFGrid-Toolkit!

Our controls and widgets are available for .NET Winforms, JavaFX and SWT/JFace. The design-principle is very simple:

The contols are fast, extendable and flexible.

The toolkit contains a Grid- and TreeList-Control, an Outlook-like NavigationBar, Metro UI/Windows 8 styles, Splitters, Panels, Buttons, Sliders, Progressbars, Multi-column ComboBox, Textbox with buttons, Reflecting image-controls, rotators and many more.

We set the price for a single developer-license to 19$ because we want our Toolkit to be used by private developers also.